Celebrating Earth Day for Kids

Kerry at Happy Kids Festival

Earth Day for Kids

On Earth Day 2010 Happy Kids Festival hosted a special online presentation for kids. Our guest was Dr Kerry Kriger from Save the Frogs! Children can access this talk from practically anywhere in the world.

Kids aged 7 to 11 years were invited to come along and meet Dr Kerry Kriger. Dr Kriger is a scientist dedicated to protecting the world’s amphibian species: the frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and caecilians. He runs the non-profit organization Save The Frogs!

Kids will discover all about endangered frogs and what kids can do to help. This presentation is an amazing opportunity for the home school community and also as a homework activity. Many Australian children will join in directly from their classrooms.

It’s safe and easy as there is nothing to download. You can view it directly from your Internet browser. You will view a slide show as Dr Kerry speaks. You will be able to ask questions by typing them into the form on the special web page. Then the moderator, Mrs Annie Oliveri an experienced teacher will ask Dr Kriger your questions. In that way you will be assured a safe environment for your children.

We have set up a special web page with more information here and you can watch a short video from Dr Kriger and parents and teachers can fill in the quick and easy form to get all the details sent to them.

The replay of the presentation is live!

Earth Day for Kids Webinar is a  Free, Safe, Learning Experience.

For details of how you can attend this presentation, free of charge, ask your parent, teacher or carer to fill in the form so we can email them the details…

Kerry at Happy Kids Festival

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