Come Play At Our House

Come Play At Our House

Happy Kids are you ready to play?

You are invited to play at the Not-Its! house today!

Enjoy being with kids from all over the world.


We’ve added the lyrics so you can sing along.

Once upon a time there was a girl
Havannah was her name
She tried to bake a dozen cookies
None of them came out the same

One looked like a giant robot
Two looked like your mom I swear
Three of them resembled Thomas Jefferson
With purple hair

Four of them were kind of spherical
The other two
Well, it’s a miracle
Cuz when her mother took a bite
She said Havanna let’s invite
Every kid on earth to come to our
House to play

Come Play at Our House

Word got out and all the kids in the world
Came out to represent
The line stretched out as far as you could see
To every continent

Asia, Europe, Africa, both North
and South America
Australia and some scientists from down
At the South Pole

And though I never saw her face
I heard there was a girl from outer space
Who ate the robot cookie and got a little loopy
And decided to invite the whole universe

Come Play at Our House

And it would be so nice if you’d come over,
Come over
And it would be so nice if you’d come over,
Come over
And it would be so nice so come on
Don’t be shy just take my advice

You won’t regret the time we spend
Baking cookies with our friends
When we go…
Come Play at Our House

Here’s more fun with The Not-Its! CLICK

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Credits: Song by The Not-Its! from their album, We Are The Not-Its! Directed, Shot and Edited by Kim Schwarzkopf (youtube channel=seaweedtoasted)

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