Jessica Watson

Welcome Home Jesse

Happy Kids! Join me in welcoming home Jessica Watson to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Jessica is the one and only 16 year old girl to sail single-handedly, unassisted around the world.

Everyone at Happy Kids Festival is thrilled that a local girl, we live at Mooloolaba too, completed such an amazing feat.

No doubt we will hear lots more from Jesse. Here’s the latest comment from her blog.

“I’ve really enjoyed hearing from so many people particularly young girls telling me about their dreams.

I remember how un-confident I use to be and it’s made me realise that without the support and encouragement that Mum and so many others gave me back when I was first learning to sail, I’d never have made it around the world and would still be that un-confident little girl.

I love hearing about other people’s dreams and how my voyage has showed them that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”

In this presentation, Jesse shows us around Ellas Pink Lady before she set sail.

Lets all go over to Jessicas Blog and leave her a message…

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Credits: Jessica Watson Video is from her YouTube Channel

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